Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration
Skin + Hair Regeneration

Skin + Hair Regeneration

"My skin is now hydrated + plump. My acne & pigmentation has completely cleared up & my hair has grown out so long. I look glowing and fresh! A really high-performing and quality product. I haven't felt this confident about my appearance in a long time." LIZ A

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450 grams | 25 servings | 18 grams per serve

The Science of Skin + Hair Health 
An advanced and concentrated formulation featuring 15 key clinical ingredients designed to deliver a comprehensive 360 degree approach to support Skin + Hair Health. 
A bioavailable powder boasting 18 grams per single serve.


Regenerate and rebuild your health with a synergistic and robust formulation that helps support the building of collagen and skin elasticity, increase cellular turnover, nourish and hydrate the skin, soothe inflammation and promote a complexion that is acne free. Help protect and shield the skin from free radicals and promote the well-being and homeostasis of your scalp, nurture hair follicles, and fortify the hair shaft. 


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15 key clinical nutrients to support your skin health + hair growth

Advanced and concentrated formulation designed with synergistic ingredients

Wild caught bioavailable Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides

Australian made + owned

Our formula is carefully crafted to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness, with each ingredient serving a very specific dose and synergistic purpose in promoting skin and hair health.

This once-a-day ingestible powder contains a unique blend of clinical active ingredients that promote a myriad of skin + hair health benefits:

+ Maintains and supports skin elasticity and collagen production

+ Relieves the symptoms of acne

+ Increases skin hydration

+ Enhances skin firmness

+ Helps enhance/ promote skin regeneration

+ Decrease and relieve skin dryness

+ Maintain and support hair strength and thickness

+ Maintains strong nail health, strength and thickness

+ Promotes hair growth + Aid and assists to maintain healthy hair follicles

+ Supports Scalp Health

+ Antioxidant/Reduce free radicals formed in the body

+ Maintains and supports skin integrity/structure

+ Soothe and relieve skin inflammation / Anti Inflammatory

With daily use, Skin + Hair Regeneration can help you achieve your every day health and beauty related goals.

Dissolve 18g (one standard scoop) into 300ml of water once a day. Stir well, consume immediately. 

This powder based format is encouraged for better absorption and allowed us to create one powerful and potent stack - that a standard capsule would never allow. It is because of this, we suggest a maximum of 1 scoop daily.

+ We only use the purest source of bioavailable wild caught Hydrolysed Marine Collagen peptides, sourced from sustainably caught deep-sea codfish skin in Norway. Formulated at 5 grams per serving which is where the science sits for clinical and studied results of improved hydration and moisture

+ Leverages synergistic and complementary ingredient combinations

+ Combines ingredient properties and their involvement in collagen synthesis

+ Combines both clinically researched ingredients and traditionally used ingredients

+ We are a purpose - based health community. Formulating our products with purpose and intent

+ Crafted with robust and concentrated levels of ingredients that sit at their clinical recommended doses

+ Crafted with consideration for the Gut/Brain/Skin Axis and its holistic impact on the entire body

+ Designed to support your health from the inside - out

+ Passion for improving health outcomes and making a positive impact

+ "The most comprehensive and complex ingestible skin product I've seen on the market to date. The results speak louder than words!"

+ "Wow. My pigmentation and acne has disappeared, my skin is clear and hydrated and i genuinely look fresher and healthier."

+ "It is the first product i have used with such a high and safe therapeutic dosage that actually works. I haven't felt this confident about my skin and appearance in a long time. So thankful!"

+ "Pretty powerful skin health + hair health ingredients all in one. I don't need to buy 15 individual products anymore, this all in one morning routine is a LIFESAVER"

+ "After a baby i was feeling very dull and lifeless. My skin is now glowing, plump and hydrated. My fine lines have also diminished greatly. My friends think I'm getting facials every week?"


Skin + Hair Regeneration is an advanced and concentrated formulation. Featuring a powerful 15 – In – 1 stack of game changing Skin + Hair regenerative ingredients designed to synergistically support the building of collagen, hydrate, reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals and nutritionally support the skin and scalp microbiome. 

Maintain and support hair growth, strength + thickness for a complete 360 degree approach to Skin + Hair Health.

Inclusive of pure wild-caught Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides, Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Hyaluronic acid, Amino Acids, Carotenoids, Vitamins and Minerals that synergistically work together to protect, nourish and rebuild your body from the inside-out.

SKINHydrated, firm, glowing, blemish free and youthful-looking skin. Say goodbye to premature signs of aging caused by everyday environmental damage and free radicals that form in the body overtime.

HAIRRevitalize, regenerate, nourish, and promote the growth of vibrant, healthy-looking hair. Support hair strength, thickness, and overall growth. Foster healthy hair follicles while nurturing an optimal scalp environment for enhanced hair growth.

What Are The Benefits


Deeply nourish, hydrate and regenerate your skin, its internal collagen formation and elasticity. Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles providing a complexion that is plump, more resilient, and visibly youthful


Functioning as a potent antioxidant, help protect and shield the skin from free radicals, environmental stressors and UV radiation. Neutralizing these harmful elements contributes to a complexion that is healthier, brighter and promotes a balanced skin biome


Promote the well-being and homeostasis of your scalp, nurture hair follicles, and fortify the hair shaft.

Enhance the overall health, strength, length, and condition of your hair


Promote a complexion that is both blemish-free and balanced in skin tone. Soothe skin inflammation, reduce the appearance of discoloration or pigmentation, and achieve brighter, radiant, healthier, and clearer skin as a result

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Worked better than the prescribed medications from the doctor

My hair is now so long and thick - I’m amazed at how much it has grown and filled in. I had been on doctor-prescribed medications that weren't working and lowered my testosterone. Skin + Hair Regeneration exceeded my expectations, and it worked naturally. Highly recommend!

Best collagen product ive tried. Not fishy, tastes sooo good. A huge dose aswell

Got recommended this from my skin clinic. Still early days but i already feel more hydrated and less visible wrinkles. My pimples have also settled/nearly gone . I hate fish but this product tastes the best seeing how much marine collagen is in it. Definitively worth the money.

My lip and skin pigmentation has gone after 1 tub?! - my inflammation has gone down too!

Hand on heart, best skin related product i have tried so far. <3
I have tried SO many products aswell and wasted my money...
its a huge 18 grams per serve when others i used were only like 3grams...tiny. My mum is using it now too

Cannot recommend this enough!!! SO MANY NEW BABY HAIRS!

Unsure how this product has worked so fast.. 3 weeks into this tub and i have SO many new hairs from my forehead, down the sides of my face and up top on the crown. I need a slick stick to hold them down they are THAT long and wild now. Cannot recommend this enough!!!

I havnt had hydrated, glowy and firm skin in years!! so impressed

Only 2.5 weeks into this product and already i can see a HUGE improvement. My skin feels hydrated , firm and literally glowy! My friend asked if i had any make up on ha. So impressed how quickly these results are to be honest..i havnt seen this in years